Mathew Murray
Mathew Murray, creator, writer, director
Mathew Murray recently spoke with the awesome folks over at Talk Nerdy With Us about his writing process, 80s teen movies, how Awkward Black Girl‘s Issa Rae inspired him and what you can expect from Season 3 of teenagers. Read the full interview here.
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Cool little review from our friends over at the IWCC
(Independent Web Series Creators of Canada).
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A big CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Raymond Ablack on his big win for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama at this year’s Indie Series Awards!

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VWF Best Screenplay

This past week, creator/writer/director Mathew Murray won the Best Screenplay award for his work on teenagers at the 2016 Vancouver Web Series Festival!

We want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible Suzette Laqua and the entire #VWF2016 team for this honour and also for championing web content and creators. We hope to be back next year for #VWF2017!

Mathew Murray
Mathew Murray with his award for Best Screenplay at the 2016 Vancouver Web Series Festival.
Mathew Murray
Mathew Murray and Samantha Wan (Sudden Master) with their awards at the 2016 Vancouver Web Series Festival.
Mathew Murray
Mathew Murray behind the scenes at the 2016 Vancouver Web Series Festival.



I saw myself in Bree when she talked to herself and dreamt of her first time making love. I saw myself in Olive, naive and beautiful, seeing nothing but the naive and beautiful … I fell for a guy like T, the sweet “pizza boy” with so much to offer, but battered and so overlooked. I saw humans. Shattering and trembling, but at times so quiet and beautifully real. I saw short spurts of what is really happening in the teen world. This series is evocative, sweet, daring, and scary … It’s just what we’ve been wanting in a teen series. It’s real.

– Susie