M. H. Murray

As of 2015, teenagers is written, directed, edited and produced by M. H. Murray.

The rest of the crew is as follows:

Created by M. H. Murray and Sara Tamosauskas

Cinematography by: Dmitry Lopatin (season 1 to present)

Music by: Spencer Creaghan (season 1 to present)

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Sound Design: Andy Kloske (2013 to 2014), Dmitry Lopatin (2015 to present)

Co-Writers: Garrett Hnatiuk (season 2), Sara Tamosauskas (season 1)

Production Coordinator(s): Daniella Bustamante (2013 to 2014), Natalie Franceva (2013 to 2014)

1st Assistant Director: Nathan Street (2013 to 2015), Gracie Wells-Smith (2015)

Gaffer(s): Shane R. PrestonAbdul Malik (2013 to 2015)

Sounds Recordist(s): Eui Yong Zong (2013), Marileina Pearson (2013),  Andy Kloske (2013 to 2014),

Kristina Mileska (2013 to 2014), Jamar D. Powell (2013), Chris Burton (2013),

Nathan Street (2013 to 2015), Emmerek Vanleur (2015)

Colorist: Dmitry Lopatin (season 1 to present)

Executive Producers: T.J. Scott (season 2 to present), Emmanuel Kabongo (season 1)

Edited by M. H. Murray (season 1 to present)

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Produced by Black Elephant Productions, Inc